General Insurance Information Overview
Tennessee State Soccer Association

As a benefit of membership, soccer players, coaches, officials and other registered members receive the protection of Bollinger's Soccer Insurance Program for their soccer activities.

Who is Covered?
Under the General Liability policy, the following are covered as Named Insureds: the Association and its member teams and leagues; all registered players and players participating in try-outs  ; all member coaches and officials; volunteers of the team or league and other participants affiliated with the Association.

The Accident Policy covers: all registered players and players participating in try-outs ; member coaches and officials; volunteers and other participants directly affiliated with the Association.
Covered Activities
Registered members and volunteers are covered when participating in the following covered activities:
  • Scheduled games, team practice sessions and sponsored activities, provided that they are under the direct supervision of a team official; or tournaments sanctioned by the Association, as a member of a contestant team.
  • Group travel directly to or from such scheduled practices, games or sponsored activities is covered under the Accident policy. The Liability policy provides Hired/Non-owned auto liability only for the official business of the Association.
  • No coverage is provided under the Liability policy for parents, coaches or volunteers using any automobile to transport team members or volunteers to any practice, game or activity.