Liability Insurance Coverage Overview
Virginia Youth Soccer Association
Who is Covered?
The Soccer Association, its member teams, leagues and clubs, and its member players, coaches and officials are all Named Insureds under this policy with respect to operations and sponsored activities of the Soccer Association.

Underwriting Carrier:

2014 - 2015

Limit of Liability - per occurrence $1,000,000
Limit of Liability - policy aggregate per location
Participants Legal Liability Included above
Products/Completed Operations aggregate $2,000,000
Personal Injury/Advertising Injury limit $1,000,000
Sexual Abuse Liability limit - per occurrence $1,000,000
Sexual Abuse Liability limit - aggregate $2,000,000
Hired/Non-owned Auto Liability (official business of Association only) $1,000,000
Fire Legal Liability $300,000
Medical Expense (to non-participants) $5,000
Deductible $0

This is a summary of the policy benefits, terms and conditions, and does not alter, broaden or limit coverage in any way.
    What is Covered?
  1. All operations of the Named Insured Soccer Association
  2. Claims for liability or negligence for bodily injury or property damage arising out of sponsored activities, premises or operations of the association, its member teams and leagues and participants.
  3. Liability for Personal or Advertising Injury, including false arrest, detention or malicious prosecution, or violation of right to privacy.
  4. Hired/Non-owned auto liability is provided only for the official business of the Association.
  5. No coverage is provided for parents, coaches or volunteers using any automobile to transport team members or volunteers to any practice, game or activity. Teams and leagues can purchase Excess Hired/Non-owned Auto Liability for their activities. Please click on "Purchase Insurance" for details.

    Certificates of Insurance

    Liability certificates of insurance will be issued on behalf of member teams and leagues to facility and field owners who need proof of coverage. Requests should be sent to the association office who will process your request in conjunction with Bollinger.

    Liability Exclusions: The usual Standard Commercial General Liability policy exclusions apply, such as Worker's Compensation, Nuclear Energy, Pollution and Lead; also, use of trampolines and fireworks is excluded.