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Event Cancellation – Weather Insurance

What is Event Cancellation?

Event Cancellation/Weather Insurance can be purchased to protect your event expenses or revenues against cancellation due to adverse weather conditions. It is designed to offset not only the revenue lost due to reduced attendance but other revenue sources such as concessions, food and parking. It can cover perils such as Rain, Snow, Wind and Temperature.

Underwriting Carrier:

Weather Insurance is provided through HCC Specialty Underwriters, the leading provider of event cancellation and indemnity insurance plans.

Cost of Coverage:

The Event Cancellation/Weather Insurance plans are individually underwritten and priced according to the amount of expenses or revenues you want to insure.

How to Apply:

Please complete the application below and submit to Bollinger at least 10 business days prior to your event date. Note that underwriting acceptance by HCC Specialty Insurance and full premium payment must be made 7 days prior to your event in order to bind coverage. 

Event Cancellation Application